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Bloc 25


Set of 25 building blocks made ​​of natural cork pressed.

BLOC is a toy cork, ecological and produced locally, to play the basics: build! But not only houses, castles and towers. BLOC are also beds, tables and chairs, and they are wild animals, dinosaurs and horses, and they are also boats, skateboards, surfboards, flying carpets, switches to turn off the the moon and turn on the sun, and much more!

The BLOC are lightweight, soft, quiet and transmitted through touch, sight and smell the inimitable experience of materials from nature.

 Complies with EU EN71. Safety requirements fort toys.                  CE

BLOC 25 (Ref. 140112)

Agglomerate cork

10 cm x 5 cm x 2,5 cm

25 blocks agglomerated cork

10 cm x 12,5 cm x 25 cm

Recommended age:
2-99 years

Please remove all packaging before giving to a chlid. It might have variations of color and shape. The toy must be stored in a dry place after use. Only clean the toy with a damp cloth. Keep this information carefully,